Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Summer memories

This past weekend brought back many childhood memories. We went to my friend Amy's house for a bbq. She asked the kids to bring their swimsuits. Low and behold, out came the slip and slide. I have not seen a slip and slide since I was a child in grade school. The kids had a blast! Caden was a pro at sliding and my cute Brendan just could not get the concept. He would run down the slide and jump into the pool at the end on his knees...ouch! We were cracking up!

It was so fun thinking back to childhood. How summer days would last so long. Waiting anxiously for the ice cream man to come down our street. Playing baseball, tag and hide & seek way past sunset. Climbing trees and riding our bikes for miles to the liquor store for candy. I hope Brendan looks back on his childhood with a smile.

Ok, so I leave you with one final memory...the darn rock underneath the slip and slide!!! You know you all have slid over one! OUCH!

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