Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Firework Fun

I think this is the last little 4th of July project to complete my cute little home. I got this inspiration from the Sugar Plum Festival. You cannot tell from the picture but these cute little sticks are covered in my new favorite thing...glitter! They are so sparkly and fun!


Julie said...

heart them! Happy almost 4th!

joyfullness said...

Marcela... Thank you for posting about your Joxlette!!! I have just spent my first quiet minutes of the night reading through all of your posts.. so.. did you find out about me through Julie at Joy's Hope??... I was so happy to see a familiar seller from Etsy featured on your blog... oh..and my mom is a Stampin' up gal too.. if you go to my on StudioBee Creations in my "oh the places i go" sidebar thingy.. that's my mommy.. she is so crafty... and How in the world are you a Stampin' up demo...and work at a scrap store..AND go to nursing school..????? What in the world...are you super woman??
I just finished working as a nanny for a Mom who was going to nursing school... 2 years... she is official now!! You can do it!!
I'll be checking in to see how you are... Thanks for a great visit!!