Monday, March 2, 2009

Please don't quit your day job...

So here is the situation...

Totally stressed!
Studying and writing like a crazy woman!
Paper due and I have a test in the morning.
It is 9pm and I need to make cupcakes for the am.
I don't have the time!!!
So, I coax my husband into making them for me.

After grumbling a bit, he hesitantly agrees.
He puts Brendan down to sleep and moves to the kitchen.
I am watching him as he is trying to attempt to rip the bag open.
The scissors are 2 ft away...that would be too easy...

The bag rips open and powder all over his feet.
He is now even more mad!
He gathers his composure and moves on.
I am smirking as he is scooping the batter into the paper cups.
My husband is complaining as the batter is spilling over the side.

He finally finishes and pops them into the oven.
14 minutes go by.
My husband gets into the shower.
He asks me to watch the cupcakes. Ok.
I start smelling something burnt.
I look into the oven and see this...

So, what is wrong with this picture...


Burnt tops and soggy insides.

I was so stressed that all I could do was laugh.

Brian told me to pick off the tops and put them back into the oven.

It all worked out. I went to Cinammon Productions and spent a small fortune on cupcakes.

Love you hunny!

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