Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

We had a very fun Halloween. Brendan could not contain his excitement.

He was a wild boy.
He outran us all.
We came in at 9pm.
He still wanted to trick or treat.
That is my crazy little boy. He loves his friends just like his mom.

Brendan was ecstatic that there were other Star Wars costumes. Abby had that pose down. What a cutie!

Look at all these adorable little ones.

Here was Brendan's favorite candy. We let him have had an oozy white center...sick! He loved it.

Brian and I snuck in a few pieces ourselves...actually a lot of pieces!!

Back to boot camp and eating healthy today.

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The Morrows said...

Oh my gosh, that Princess Leia is hilarious! She looks like she's totally ready to kick some booty!!! You go girl!