Saturday, February 6, 2010

In case you were wondering...

I made it through my first week of work! I wasn't sure how the transition was going to be. This new schedule will definitely take some getting used to. For the most part, everything went smoothly.

It was an exciting week. I got to wear scrubs everyday (which feel like comfy pajamas! Now, who wouldn't want to wear those all day?)

I also received my new badge that has my new title..."RN". I felt so proud to FINALLY call myself a real RN! I have run across many student nurses and feel so grateful to not be in that position anymore.

I have received many questions on my new job. So, I will post them here.

My new title: RN on an orthopedic unit. 10th floor to be exact with an AMAZING view of Newport Beach! That is a nice perk.

I will mainly be taking care of post op patients with total joint replacements. As this was not my first choice of jobs, I am very grateful to have found a job 7 months out of nursing school. In this economy, many students are not getting jobs. (and NO, there is not a nursing shortage!) If I could only have one dollar for every time I have heard this, I wouldn't need to go to work! ha

What did you learn on your first week of training? Didn't you learn everything in the two years of school? Each hospital has a different standard of care and practice. As a new RN, you have to complete many competencies in order to step on the floor for the first time. So, the nursing staff from various departments come to our class room and teach us the standards of care. We then partake in a short test following each lecture, followed by a competency. You get signed off and you are set to go.

Examples of these: IV starts, IV pumps and therapy. PICC, Central, Midlines. Chest tubes and Tracheostomies. Procedures...there are hundreds! I won't venture to go there but an example would be a coding patient or calling the rapid response team if your patient is not looking so well. There is also medication administration, orders, computer chart training, doctor's orders, receiving and discharging patients (hours in front of the computer!) Phew...I am tired just reading this...and this is not even 1/100th of the things we reviewed this week. My brain is busting at the seams! I have paperwork everywhere!

So that is my week in a nutshell. I will definitely be posting more as the days go by.

I will be spending today cuddling with my family and loving on them. I have really missed them this week to say the least. This is the sad part of being a grown up. Not being able to stay home and have play dates anymore.

Miss you all! Hope I answered a few of your questions without boring you to death!


Karla said...

congratulations,,,, from a 17 year RN.. I have heard that jobs are getting harder to find,,, scary,,, my son is a Rad tech and he hasnt found a job yet,,,,

The Morrows said...

I'm so happy for you, friend!! Congratulations. I hope you'll be able to transition to your dream job someday soon...