Sunday, June 22, 2008

Son of a scrapbooker

If you look through my computer under my son's name, you will find thousands upon thousands of pictures. I take pictures at almost every occasion!

We started swim lessons and it was on this day that I felt a bit sorry for my son (and quite embarrassed myself!) The instructor was taking Brendan under water, back and forth from the side of the pool, to the underwater jungle gym. I snuck out my camera (as any scrapbooking mom would do!) and my son caught me. As loud as he could, he yelled "CCHHHEEEESSSEEE!!!!" It was hard to get him concentrating on the class again. This went on for the next ten minutes. As all the moms in the pool laughed at my son and I, I thought to myself "Only the son of a scrapbooker would be so trained!" ha ha
Here are some pics of my cutie during his lesson. His teacher is amazing and so sweet. It is really a fun experience for Brendan and I.

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Alison Strobel Morrow said...

*lol* That's hilarious. Abby has just started smiling specifically for the camera. She can only be bribed to hold still for a shot if we promise to show it to her right away. Thank heavens for digital cameras!

Thanks for voting for Tiffany! She wasn't on Idol, no--that was Sabrina Sloan, and last I heard she was recording an album! Woohoo!