Thursday, July 24, 2008

I am so sad

The son of evangelist Greg Laurie died today in a car accident on the 91 fwy. He is leaving behind a wife (who is pregnant and due soon with another girl) and 1 year old daughter. I grew up at Harvest Church and saw Christopher or "Topher" as he was known often. I just cannot imagine what this family is going through right now.

As I sit here and cry, I think of what God's plan is for this family and why His plan has to be this way. It makes my heart just break to know that these little girls will not be able to be rocked at night by their daddy or given away when they get married. I think of Christopher in heaven right now and he is in an amazing is us that is sad here on earth. Why does life have to be so sad!

Everyone reading this, please pray for this family and especially his wife. I cannot imagine losing my husband ever, let alone while being pregnant.

You can see the family at