Wednesday, July 23, 2008


My lovely friend Julie bought me this book for my birthday.
I am trying so hard to incorporate veggies into our everyday eating. Brendan used to eat everything and now that he is a toddler, his appetite for the better foods has declined.
The concept of this book is to "sneak" veggies into everyday dishes by pureeing them and adding them. Well, I have not had the time to puree anything! However, I did have an idea.
The other night, I decided to sneak some brocholli into our meat taco mix. Tacos are a fav for our family!! I diced up the raw brocholli very, very small and added it to the meat when the seasoning mix went in.
I was very worried that the meat would taste horrible but IT WORKED! My family ate their tacos just the same as any other night...hooorayyy!!! This is a huge accomplishment as I have tried to replace ground beef with turkey many times and my husband catches me EVERY time!
I will update when we try a recipe out of the book.

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