Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I wish every Monday was as fun!

I have had a super nice start to the week. Here are some highlights:
  • On Monday we went to Santa Monica pier with my brother and we had a blast. They have a little kids section with all little rides. We cracked up at Brendan on the bumper cars. He kept going in one circle over and over and over. He had a blast and it was nice hanging out with my brother. I love watching him with Brendan. They are so sweet together.
  • That night I went to see Sex in the City with a few girlfriends. We had so much fun!
  • Today (Tuesday) I was able to run further than I have since I started, however, I am paying the price. My back hurts and I am super sore. I am loving my running group. They are such a nice group of ladies! They are launching a triathalon training group Friday and I am contemplating joining. I will have to pray about that one. It is a lot of work out!!

Here are some pics from the pier. Enjoy!

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