Monday, August 18, 2008


Guess where we went today???

Our passes are valid again! HOOORRRAYYY!!! It was super hot, packed with people, BUT still the funnest day! Even the worst day at Disneyland is a great day! I love it there!!!

Brendan with "Goosy" as he says it. He gave Goofy a huge hug. So cute!

Brendan's favorite store with the toy monorail. He can hang out there for hours! I love this train with the number 2 on it. Since Brendan is 2, I will for sure be scrapping this picture!

And the end to a wonderful day....a mickey cookie and an ice cream from Burrbank Ice Cream Train. Nothing tastes better on a hot day!
Cannot wait to go again this week before my life is over on Monday. I start nursing school again! Holy cow...where did summer go?

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