Monday, August 4, 2008

Two beautiful babies!

It just amazes me when someone gives birth. It is such a miracle from the Lord.
Brendan and I had a fun day visiting with two new friends...Macee and Makya. Aren't those the cutest names ever? My friend Kristin whom I met through scrapbooking just gave birth on Friday. Macee was 6.1 lbs and Makya was 6.5 lbs. Almost 13 lbs of baby in her stomach. I cannot even imagine that! I was already uncomfortable and Brendan was not even one of their sizes.
Brendan and I had so much fun visiting with them. He was just so cute trying to give them kisses. I cannot wait to get pregnant again! I am dying right now!!! One more year to go until I finish school. It cannot come fast enough!

Congrats Kristen and Christian. We are so happy for you!! The babies are beautiful!!! I doubt I will see you scrapbooking anytime soon having two babies to take care of :)

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